Adobe Flash Update Error – 28/12/15

On December 28th 2015, Adobe released a security update to Adobe Flash to a billion+ computers worldwide. This is the 316th update to Flash in 2015. Unfortunately the result of this latest update was to 'break' CiC/Communicator and PiC. This update was On January 2nd 2016 Adobe released which fixed the problem for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 10. Adobe are still working on a solution for Windows 8, which will be applied as a Windows update on January 12th.

The affected versions are; CiC Pro 2011/2013/2014/2015/2016. Communicator 2014/15 and PiC Pro v2/3/4

If you are affected by Windows 8, you can apply a temporary fix to the problem until Microsoft releases a fix. Hold down the Windows button which has the Windows logo (near CTRL on your keyboard) and press R. Then type in this command:

wusa /uninstall /kb:3132372 /norestart

You should get a series of prompts which you need to accept.

If your computer is not connected to the internet OR you have changed the Adobe Flash settings to "not update" (normal is update on) then you will be unaffected, however videos will fail to play if the Adobe update has been applied.

We are sorry for this problem and the inconvenience it may cause.