WebPak Online

WebPak Online is the new way of adding life and movement to your practice website. Our new extensive library of high quality animations can now be added to your practice website, and it couldn’t be easier with just one line of code for each animation. Our server cleverly detects the device being used by each patient viewing your site and serves up a compatible animations so customers using iPads, iPhones and almost all Android devices can now enjoy the animations.

The animations are high quality. (400×225)   Our server detects the iPad/iPhone/Android and displays a compatible animation.  We host the animation saving you space & upload time.  Enhancements to the animations are instantly seen on your site.  You can choose auto-play, click-to-play and “Shadowbox” versions.

Missing Teeth #328       This is one example

Optional video controls  

See full topic list above, there are over 200 to choose from!

There is no limit to the number of videos used on your site or the number of videos viewed (within reason)