MEDiVision Systems Ltd is a British company dedicated to the development of first class patient communication software.
  • October 2017

    WebPak Online now has new features inlcuding professional voiceover, snippets, embedded text and looping. These help to engage visitors to dental websites keeping them browsing for longer.
  • September 2017

    The new PiC Pro v5, the latest version of our waiting room software, is to be released. PiC Pro v5 contains more HD content for you to choose from, more templates and new functionality. PiC Pro now supports .MP4 and .MOV movie formats and up to 3 simultaneous monitors from 1 PC. There are many new date ‘events’ to keep your sequence fresh and these can be updated automatically online.
  • October 2016

    MEDiVision release their eagerly awaited CiC Connect edition in a new ‘subscription’ format. Now, for the first time, there is no upfront cost to start using CiC, just a simple monthly fee. All updates, including new sequences are included in this new version.
  • August 2016

    WebPak Online, now used on practice websites all around the world, now supports websites with a secure socket layer (HTTPS). More than 200 animations are now available.
  • October 2015

    CiC Pro 2016 adds new functionality and support for Windows 10 and Windows Tablets, The New NHS Friends and Family Test hits the milestone of 40,000 surveys and WebPak online provides animations on more topics than available anywhere else in the world!.

  • October 2014

    With the release of CiC Pro 2015, MEDiVision completed the major upgrade of ALL dental animations to the widescreen HD Format.  These animations are now included in PiC Pro v4 and instantly available to all WebPak Online users.

  • January 2013

    MEDiVision launch the new WebPak Online service. A large collection of the latest dental animations available to add to any practice website. The animations are hosted by MEDiVision and can be viewed on PC’s MAC’s and iPads and are embedded into the website using a simple code.

  • October 2012

    Patient Survey enhanced to include nurses, receptionists TC’s and PM’s. Dental Showcase in October sees the launch of CiC Pro 2013 and PiC Pro v2. PiC includes an ‘Events Manager’ for the first time which automatically updates the presentation with events like Valentines, Halloween, Easter, Christmas and 40 more! Brand new extensive demonstrations are launched on the website.

  • February 2012

    MEDiVision show international version of CiC Pro at AEEDC in Dubai

  • October 2011

    After a long development period, MEDiVision launch the brand new Patient Survey Program.

  • April 2011

    MEDiVision Systems LTD in conjunction with Eyeconic Software LTD launch Insight 2011, the new EyeTV and Insight WebPak at Optrafair at the NEC

  • February 2011

    MEDiVision Release CiC Pro in Spanish, Italian, German and French!

  • October 2010

    MEDiVision Preview the 2011 version of CiC Pro which contains 220+ animated topics and well over 100 patient information leaflets.

  • June 2010

    At last! – The new version of PiC for the waiting room, PiC Pro was shown for the first time at the BDA show in Liverpool. The new Widescreen HD version is a completely new build incorporating all the features of the v12 but with many many new features as well as over 1 ½ hours of material, all in HD!

  • January 2010

    MEDiVision launch CiC Pro 2010, 196 Treatment topics all at a new even higher quality standard plus a brand new feature, “Dental Connect”. Two clicks and the patient receives an eMail which contains a link so they can view again the animations and leaflets at home.

  • August 2009

    MEDiVision, Eyeconic and enHance launch a new generation of WebPak programs, WebPak v4, WebPak Ortho v1 and Insight WebPak using an even higher standard of animations in a larger screen format and with the option of a play button giving control to the user.

  • April 2009

    MEDiVision Systems LTD in conjunction with Eyeconic Software LTD launch Insight 2009 and Insight WebPak at Optrafair at the NEC

  • October 2008

    MEDiVision Systems LTD in conjunction with enHANCE Software LTD launch faceFACTS WebPak, the internet versions of the facial aesthetics animations developed for faceFACTS Consult

  • June 2008

    MEDiVision Systems LTD in conjunction with enHANCE Software LTD launch faceFACTS Consult, the first of the new Facial Aesthetics programs to help Doctors and Dentists explain treatments such as Botulinum Toxin, Dermal Fillers and Chemical Peels.

  • April 2008

    MEDiVision release the much-awaited version 12 of PiC for the waiting room. More than 300 messages animated to a very high standard. PiC v12 raises the bar for all waiting room marketing software.

  • October 2007

    MEDiVision launches CiC Pro 2008 140 animation and 110 Leaflets

  • July 2007

    MEDiVision launches WebPak v3, HD animations for practice websites

  • April 2007

    MEDiVision starts up a sister company, Eyeconic Software Ltd and develops a patient communication program for the optical market.

  • January 2007

    MEDiVision signs an historic agreement with Kodak Dental Systems to provide CiC Pro and Patient Journey as an integral part of the R4 practice management system.

  • October 2006

    MEDiVision launch CiC in HD the High Definition version of the popular patient communication tool. The New HD version brings a higher resolution image with vibrant colours and real depth of field. This new animation quality standard is also available in the new version of PiC.

  • October 2005

    MEDiVision continued to lead the field in 2005 with new versions of CiC, Ortho, PiC and WebPak together with a completely new product concept in Patient Communication, The Patient Journey. This product was a specialised flowchart tool that gave the patient a complete and clear picture of their treatment journey through the practice, avoiding misunderstandings, confusion and fear. Pre-release sales showed this product to be a popular addition to the MEDiVision range.

  • October 2004

    Was no exception in terms of product development. A new version of CiC was launched at Dental Showcase which had been specifically designed for Orthodontists (CiC Ortho). CiC Explorer 2005 was released with more animations, patient leaflets and still images and was the flagship product for the general dentistry market. A new tool for the ever-growing number of dentists with websites was also launched in 2004. WebPak was a CDROM containing animations, patient leaflets and still images which were ready formatted for dentists (or their web designers) to load directly onto their website.

  • November 2003

    Version 9 of CiC and PiC and the third version of Mouth Modeller were launched, together with a new product in the MEDiVision family, Envoy. Integrating with PiC, Envoy enables nurses to maximise the time they spend in the surgery by delivering patients without the need to collect them from the waiting room.

  • October 2002

    CiC Explorer v8 was launched, with a completely new interface, which further moved the boundaries of this exciting marketplace.

  • October 2001

    Mouth Modeller II was launched. Using the 3D modelling system, Mouth Modeller was a completely new way of visualising dental charts reading data directly from some of the leading practice management systems.

  • May 2001

    StuDENT was launched. Backed by the British Dental Association, StuDENT was the first computerised NVQ/SVQ training and assessment tool on the market.

  • January 2000

    An important milestone for MEDiVision as a completely new 3D modelling system was used to create the 3D animation sequences. The Waiting Room marketing tool, Practice Information Centre (PiC), had become established and development of a dental nurses training system had begun.

  • January 1997

    The company was founded and version 1 of Clinical Information Centre (CiC) was released in July of that year. Using ‘flat’ 2D graphics, version 1 broke new ground in the patient communication arena. Subsequent versions added content and functionality, until in January 2000, when version 5 was launched.