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50% – 200%

AutoPlay Click to Play Shadowbox

Mute audio at start Include Text Include Audio

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If you are using a Secure Sockets Layer, make sure you select HTTPS.
Select the sequence number, a full list of sequences is available by clicking the Full Topic List tab at the top of this page.
You can play the whole video or a short section of it (up to 5 seconds). You can also select “Ping-Pong” which will play the section and then play it again in reverse. Click on the Ping-Pong Examples tab above to see how you could add interest to your web pages.
Our WebPak animations are rendered at 400 x 233 Pixels so they are small and fast to load. You can scale them up or down to suit your webpage design using this scale feature.
A maximum of 200% (800 x 450) and a minimum of (50%) 200 x 116.

AutoPlay sequences will play as soon as the page loads. Click to Play will display our own thumbnail image which will start the video when clicked. Of course you could use your own thumbnail image which when clicked uses the AutoPlay code. Shadowbox is a third-part component, free to use, which will highlight the animation over your webpage. Please contact us if your require assistance.
Mute audio at start simply plays the animation. Select Text to display the embedded text narrative over the animation, this is best done with a scale of 150-200% otherwise the text will be very small.
If you prefer to display your own text you can use the Sample Text provided below. Alternatively the most popular sequences have a soundtrack, select Include Audio to hear the soundtrack as the animation plays.
You can see which sequences have a recorded soundtrack by referring to the Full Topic List tab at the top of the page.
Please note: Text and Audio are not available when you play a section of the video.

The videos will, by default, play from beginning to the end. Default (Browser) Controls and our own controls where you can select the colour, are also available.

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