Patient Survey

In our increasingly ‘rated’ society where every hotel, every restaurant and every school is measured and compared, it seemed inevitable that this ethos would find its way into dentistry. With CQC and the new NHS contract currently being piloted, it is mandatory. The new Patient Survey from MEDiVision allows you to effortlessly capture patient feedback into a portfolio of secure graphical reports which give you benchmarked results against the whole industry.Patient Survey will:

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  • Satisfies CQC feedback requirements
  • Calculates new NHS feedback scoring
  • Benchmarks results against the industry
  • Provides individual team member reports
  • Certificates for high performers
  • Easy to set-up & use
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inc Friends & Family £20

When developing our new Patient Survey application we had many objectives to accommodate; The Patient Survey should be easy to deliver to the patient and simple AND quick to complete. The setup should be easy and customisable. Reports to the practice owner should be available on-demand, graphically interesting and easy to interpret. Individual team members should be identified and comparisons within the practice AND benchmarking to the whole industry. With our on-going relationship with Carestream Dental we have unique access to 1000’s of practices providing services to millions of patients providing the most comprehensive data for industry averages available in the UK.

Our surveys are designed to be easy and intuitive to complete. They are short, asking only the questions necessary according to the options you have chosen. They also give the patient a graphical response to their contribution.

Individual team members (dentists, orthodontists, hygienists and therapists) will have personalised feedback showing the patients perceptions by age group and sex. The level of access to these reports is strictly controlled by the practice owner.

  • Team member scores
  • Nurses & receptionist performance
  • Practice telephone contact
  • Your website usage
  • Practice comfort & style
  • Perceived Cleanliness
  • Involvement in care

For those with NHS contracts Patient Survey will calculate the scores achieved by each team member using the complicated NHS scoring system proposed under the new contract.

System Requirements

Patient Survey will run on any internet connected PC

Patient Survey data remains secure at all times with access strictly controlled by the practice owner.