No upfront fees and no contract tie in.

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If you have a UK bank account then MEDiVision’s subscription services are paid for via a monthly direct debit. Simply use the calculator to select the products you want and see your monthly fee, then click subscribe to complete your bank details and download your software.
Please note that PiC waiting room software is not a subscription service and is purchased over 12 months with 0% interest. All other products are a subscription rental with no contract tie in so you can cancel at anytime should your circumstances change.

If you do not have a UK bank account and cannot pay by direct debit please contact us.

Subscription calculator

Website Animation Subscription
more info
£20 per website
Number of websites
Monthly amount £0.00

Chairside Software Subscription
more info
1st user £20, subsequent users £10
Number of users
Monthly amount £0.00

Waiting Room Software Purchase
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£600 per licence
Number of licences
12 equal payments (minimum term) £0.00

Survey Subscription inc FFT
more info
£20 per licence
Number of practices
Monthly amount £0.00